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Donation of Indian Art Books

Department of Art History staff and affiliates are delighted to share the news that Dr Peyvand Firouzeh, Lecturer in Islamic Art, has secured a generous donation of Indian Art books for the Fisher Library from distinguished historian Dr Jim Masselos, formerly a Reader in Indian History at the University of Sydney.

The donation includes many rare and out-of-print survey texts, exhibition catalogues, as well as monographs, primarily published from the 1960s to the 1980s. These are now difficult to find and expensive to purchase, so will be an invaluable resource for staff and students interested in the history of Asian and Islamic art. The first round of donations comprises a total of 48 titles, a full list of which is provided below with especially prominent titles highlighted in bold.

The Department of Art History extends a heartfelt thanks to Dr Masselos for his generosity and to Jackie Menzies, President of The Asian Art Society of Australia (TAASA) and Emeritus Curator of Asian Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, for facilitating this donation. Special thanks are owed as well to Miranda Luo, an Art History Honours alumna, for her dedication and diligence in cataloguing this valuable collection.

Current and prospective students interested to learn more about the arts of the subcontinent are encouraged to enrol in the many Asian Art-focused courses offered by the Department, notably including ARHT2678 Islamic Visual Cultures: China to Spain, ARHT3678 Text, Image, Sound: Islamic Book Arts, and ARHT6961 Curating Islamic Art in 10 Objects.


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Lings, Martin. The Quranic art of calligraphy and illumination. New York: Interlink Books, 1987.

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Singh, Raghubir. Banaras: sacred city of India. London: Thames and Hudson, 1987.

Snead, Stella, Wendy Doniger, and George Michell. Animals in four worlds: sculptures from India. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1989.

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Stronge, Susan, Nima Smith, and J.C. Harle. A golden treasury: jewellery from the Indian subcontinent. London: Victoria and Albert Museum in association with Mapin, 1988.

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Welch, Stuart Cary. The emperors' album: images of Mughal India. New York: Abrams, 1987.

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