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Department of Art History: undergraduate and postgraduate units open for enrolment

Image: Chromosphere, Peter Sedgley, 1967. From J W Power collection, The University of Sydney, managed by MCA Australia.

Students! Still considering units for semester two?

The following undergraduate and postgraduate units are open for enrolment offering a diversity of topic focusses ranging from the intersection of art and the environment, working with Indigenous collections, Asian art and curating, to in-situ object-based learning.

Get enrolling now! Check the list of units below and click for more details:

This unit studies contemporary and historical artists in relation to today's environmental crisis. Coordinator: Dr Tanya Peterson Tanya is a writer and artist, whose recent research considers how the sun can shape our understanding and experiences of events and ecologies.

British Art and Empire ARHT3617 (senior Undergraduate)

This unit analyses the role of the visual arts in mediating the experience of urbanism in 19th-century Britain and across a global Empire, considered through art of this period held in the AGNSW.

Coordinator: Professor Mary Roberts Mary Roberts is a specialist in nineteenth-century British and Ottoman art, with a specific research interest in Orientalism.

Objects and Problems at Chau Chak Wing Museum ARHT3675 (senior Undergraduate)

This unit brings students into sustained contact with objects in the Chau Chak Wing Museum and challenges students to undertake close research and writing on the objects.

Coordinator: Dr Mimi Kelly Mimi has a background in visual art programming and curating. Her current research focusses on contemporary body-based art and feminism.

A Material World: Cultures of Design ARHT3680 (senior Undergraduate)

In this unit, students will engage with design histories - both past and present - to understand how design forms our experience of the world.

Coordinator: Dr Mark De Vitis Mark specialises in the study of cultures of dress and the visual and material culture of the early modern world.

Exhibiting Australian Art ARHT6933 (Postgraduate)

Through gallery visits and case studies, this unit will examine how contemporary artists, curators and writers are re-imagining and re-seeing Australian art from time of colonisation to the present.

Coordinator: Dr Keith Broadfoot Keith lectures on modernism and Australian art, including theories of spectatorship.

Curating Asian Art ARHT6937 (Postgraduate)

This unit investigates the development of Asian art exhibitions and the role of the curator of Asian art.

Coordinator: Dr Yvonne Low Yvonne’s research focus encompasses modern and contemporary Southeast Asian art, including Chinese diaspora and feminist practice.

The unit engages students with the particular sensitivities and protocols involved in caring for historic and contemporary collections of Indigenous art and culture in Australia and overseas.

Coordinator: Tess Allas Tess is researcher and curator who has worked extensively in the field of Aboriginal arts since the early 1990s.


Shock of the Now: Global Art Since 1900 ARHT1002 (Undergraduate) with Dr Mimi Kelly

French Art, Salon to Cezanne ARHT2618 (senior Undergraduate) with Professor Roger Benjamin

Why Art Matters ARHT2680 (Core Unit) with Professor Mark Ledbury and Dr Anita Callaway

Writing for the Art and Museum Sector ARHT5902 (Postgraduate) with Dr Yvonne Low

Working with Art: Objects in Focus ARHT6914 (Postgraduate) with Dr Mark De Vitis

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