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Brook Andrew and Stephen Gilchrist - Art and Empires: New World Views

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Brook Andrew, seeing time VII, 2021, mixed media on linen. Courtesy the artist. Photograph by Andrew Curtis

Tuesday 8 February, 5pm EST (Wednesday 9 February, 9am AEDT)

Empires put pressure on our capacities to perceive them, and empire is a theoretical object that demands perspectival multiplicity. This is the first event in a series that brings into conversation artists and scholars whose work articulates, complicates and contests empire across disparate geographical and historical contexts. With a particular focus on visual and material cultures, this discussion series adopts a comparative approach, investigating what is made visible when different geographies and histories of empire are brought into dialogue.

This event’s participants are Brook Andrew and Stephen Gilchrist. Brook Andrew is a Wiradjuri/Celtic artist, writer, and Director of Reimagining Museums at the University of Melbourne. He was the artistic director of “NIRIN”: the 22nd Biennale of Sydney. Belonging to the Yamatji people of the Inggarda language group of northwest Western Australia, Gilchrist is Lecturer of Indigenous Art at the University of Sydney. Both will present their current work and be in dialogue with one another, followed by further conversation with the attendees of this virtual, seminar-style event.

This event is funded in collaboration with Princeton University Graduate School and the Center for Collaborative History.

Register in advance here:

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