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Achtung baby! Berlin Fieldwork Unit open for registrations

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Students at Museum Insel for Berlin19. All photos: Mimi Kelly

The Department is super excited to announce that the Fieldwork Unit of Study, ARHT3681: Art and the City is to take place in Berlin, Germany in 2023.

The two-week study tour will be led by A/Professor Donna West Brett and Dr Mimi Kelly. The course is open to students who major in Art History and to students enrolled in the Bachelor Visual Arts/BAS who are eligible to enrol into Senior level 3000 units of study. (Students will need to have completed 2 x 2000 level units by departure date (Art History Major) and 1 x 2000 level unit for Bachelor of Visual Arts students.)

This is the second Berlin tour and if the first was anything to go by, our second tour is going to be just as sehr geill. Come join the cool kids and get your Europe on. We promise some serious art, party and cannot confirm or deny that raucous dancing will also ensue.


To learn more about how uber cool this unit is, join us at the following information sessions on campus and via zoom:

Wednesday 18 May at 3.30pm

Thursday 19 at 1.00pm

RC Mills, 210 Schaeffer seminar room or by Zoom


Described by the former Mayor, Klaus Wowereit in 2006 as “poor but sexy,” Berlin continues to be a city of contrasts. Dating from the thirteenth century, Germany’s capital has endured major historical events that have left their mark, most recently the Berlin Wall that divided the city. Post-1989, Berlin has kept its multiple theatres, galleries and museums, becoming a cultural and economic hub. Its combination of glamour and grit, culture, great food and clubs makes it a drawcard for artists, writers and creatives.​

The 2023 fieldwork course presents students with the opportunity to explore the diverse cultural, artistic and historical elements of Berlin and its surrounds over a two-week period. From museums and contemporary art spaces to cultural landmarks and monuments, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Led by experienced academics you will be immersed in art, architecture and monuments from the early-modern through to the latest cutting-edge contemporary art in public and private museums. ​

For both art history and visual art students, the unit provides the chance to learn through direct interaction with cultural sites, and to find inspiration through unique encounters with art objects and current creative practices in artistic production, materiality, concept and display.

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